11 January, 2011

Parents and family

Its 4:44AM on 12th Jan 2011 and I am at Mumbai Airport waiting to catch my next flight to Indore. Will be performing this evening in Dewas in memory of the Legendary singer, Pandit Kumar Gandharva. Finished my concert with Saskia at Infosys last evening and rushed to the airport to catch my flight to Mumbai. Traffic in Bangalore is just unbelievable and I made it in time thanks to the fact that my flight was half hour late.

The concert last night was something very very special. Playing at Infosys which is perhaps the face of India's achievements in recent decades was indeed wonderful. But for some strange reason, even as I was lost in my music and enjoying Saskia's passages and my own Mishra Pilu, I was overcome by some beautiful emotions and thinking of my father even as I was conscious of my mother in the audience. A flood of emotions just took over me and all the sacrifices they made, the love they showered, the beauty of music to which they introduced me--I owe everything I am today to these 2 wonderful people who brought me into this world. How proud my father would have been to see his son and daughter-in-law yesterday. I miss you Anna. There is not a single day when I do not think of him or my mother. I could just not hold back my tears and I am sure many people in the audience also may have noticed it. Why does music have this impact? The beauty of the notes, the Ragas, enjoying the rhythms--everything just transcends you to a different plane where there is nothing but just emptiness and where one can enjoy the empty space you create. The same feeling overtook me a few minutes later when Saskia and I played our favourite composition that we feel brings out the best in both of us--a piece where we celebrate our little son, Ishaan. Being parents ourselves has made us realize the beauty of life. If on one side, I miss my father so much, I also enjoy my beautiful son. This is life and what a beautiful feeling to be able to share this feeling through my music.

Last few days in Bangalore has again been very special. For the first time, my mother got to enjoy her 4 grand children together. Just to see her eyes light up when she saw them all playing together, making jokes, eating together, going out to eat their special "Dosas" at 7AM. Ishaan is the youngest at 6 and Divya, my niece is the eldest. In between are Smita and Nikhit. I love each one of them passionately and am blessed to have such a wonderful family. God bless each one of them.

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