07 April, 2010

Two ends of the Spectrum called Life

Today is the 7th of April 2010 and I wish to write about 2 people who are at the 2 ends of the spectrum called Life--my Guru, the Living Legend Pandit Ravi Shankar who is 90yrs young today and my little, beautiful son Ishaan who is 5yrs old.

90?!!! WOW!!!Happy Birthday Guruji. At an age when most people will be happy to get off the bed without help, this man continues to travel the world, sharing his music with people across the globe. He has been the strongest influence in my life since my childhood and I continue to look up to him like a son looks up to his father. There is not a single day when I do not think of him and count my blessings. The whole world is celebrating this genius and his life. I have been fortunate to have had his blessings all my life, my father being one of his closest disciples since the late nineteen forties when Guruji was in his late twenties. I grew up with all the stories my father shared with me--the many personal anecdotes---I could write volumes and books about him. He has seen it all and done it all and I wonder how it feels to be great Pandit Ravi Shankar.

At the other end of the spectrum is Ishaan--just starting his life, not knowing what life will unfold for him. The innocence, the burst of energy, the twinkling eyes, the uncorrupted thoughts and expressions--that's Ishaan. Full of life and a thirst to learn, Ishaan is an "exceptionally gifted child" with an IQ of over 150. This is indeed a huge challenge to take in - along with the pride and delight in his abilities and eagerness to learn comes the burden of responsibility of how to provide him with what he needs. Saskia is reading a lot to understand how to parent a gifted child like Ishaan and we have endless discussions every single day. There is no perfect school for him since no school will be able to give him everything he needs. Like Guruji telling me last time we met, "Take care of him. He is indeed special". No greater blessing to Ishaan than these whispered words.

Right in between these 2 beautiful people is me enjoying their worlds with my eyes. Its a wonderful place to be in--looking up to my Guru, and guiding my little son through tiny steps that he needs to take to find his place in this world.

I am indeed blessed.