31 October, 2009

Sydney Opera House

I have been meaning to post my first blog for the past few months but have just not been able to do so. But today, sitting here in Sydney in my hotel room, seeing the beautiful Sydney Harbor, the morning after my show at the famous Sydney Opera House, I thought that this is as good a day as ever to start sharing my experiences. Wow, what a show it was. Weird in many ways but highly satisfying to get a houseful audience at such a prestigious venue. Why do I say that it was weird? Well--never has my main string on the Sitar broken twice nor have I ever seen the Tabla break during my Alaap without even a single stroke!!!! Ty said that it was the Hallowen weekend in the States and perhaps, the spirits were out there in the hall. No wonder we call our music "spirit"ual music!!

What does it feel to make this long journey to such prestigious venues? Honestly, these are dream venues for all artistes to perform in and when I started out as a Soloist about 23yrs ago, I did also think that it would be wonderful to be playing at the biggest of the big venues---Carnegie Hall in NY and the Sydney Opera House was on that list. Yesterday when I sat in the Taxi and the Taxi driver asked where I wanted to go, there was a smile on my face when I said Sydney Opera House. Seeing my instrument, he asked if I was going to perform there and when I confirmed it, he said, "WOW. That's great, mate. So, you must be a famous musician?"

Do I consider myself a famous musician? I know that its a long journey but I have started taking the small steps by playing at such venues. I don't know whether just becoming "famous" is all I want but I also enjoy playing for the more intimate and small audience like I did a couple of days before Sydney Opera House. It was in a small place just north of Sydney in a place called Matcham. Most people living in Sydney have never even heard of this place but the love that the small audience gave me and my music in Matcham is also very special.

So, if I am asked to make my choice---Sydney Opera House or the small community in Matcham? Why do I have to even make the choice? I love performing at both the places and will always do both the Sydney Opera House and the Matcham type of shows.

Well---I have finally broken the ice by writing this blog today and now, will keep writing whenever I have interesting things to share. Have a great day.

Signing off on the morning of the first day of November and getting ready for my show this evening.