05 September, 2010

Being a vegetarian in difficult places

Here I am, sitting in my small room in an apartment in Kyoto and getting ready to leave for my next destination, Gifu. I arrived in Japan a couple of days ago and have finished 2 concerts. Everything about Japan is small and compact--the rooms, the men and women, the cars. This is my second visit to this country and the first time, I am trying to understand more about this beautiful and ancient culture. But not getting far yet since I don't speak the language. It is indeed very difficult to make yourself understood here and yes--being a vegetarian is a huge problem. Perhaps if you live here or can even make yourself understood, it may be a bit easier. Last night, Ty and I had to look at several places before finally finding something that could at least serve some sort of a soup that had only fish sauce. Of course, this was unacceptable to me even a couple of days ago but rather than starve completely, I have had to accept this. In some parts of the world, it is indeed difficult being a vegetarian and if you cannot speak the language too, it becomes very difficult. I wonder how I am going to manage the next couple of weeks. Will surely lose a couple of pounds!!!

The concerts have been amazing and it's wonderful to be able to connect with the people through my music. Even though the people here are initially hesitant to open their hearts, once they do so, they are amazing people. Some people have come up to me after the concert saying that they have never experienced such emotions ever before and were crying during the concert. Just proves the often said sentence that music is indeed the only universal language that knows no boundaries, no language, no religion. If only more people can love music passionately, this world would be such a better place.

Signing off now and will continue to write about my Japanese experiences.

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  1. Tough to be a vegetarian! Ask your English speaking Japanese hosts to write down in their script a few totally veg dishes and see if it works. Give it a try and take care!
    Please also give our best to TY. Tofu should help.